Santex Rimar Group

SANTEX RIMAR GROUP is one of the leading players in the world market of textile finishing, technical textiles and green technologies for water treatment and drying processes.

The Group is a machine manufacturer and a technology partner for knitted, woven and nonwoven fabrics and green solutions.

SANTEX RIMAR GROUP  has reached the perfect balance of deep knowledge, design and high quality throughout the production process to build a strong, long lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with the customers.

SANTEX RIMAR GROUP stands for quality, reliability and excellent automation.

Modern technology, knowledge and many years of experience make SANTEX RIMAR GROUP a provider of innovative solutions.

We guarantee an excellent level of competence at each stage of the product’s lifecycle: our machines are made with competence, passion, commitment and a high level of research.


Excellent Residual shrinkage

Increased Compacting and Shrinking scope due to the individually adjustable drives for differential speeds

Enhance compacting power due to specially developed multi-layer felt belts which can reduce the residual shrinkage

Making free tabular guidance and contactless fabric transport with width control due to our patented fully magnetic tubular spreader albatross

Santamatic enables the compacting to be automated with optimum reproducibility

  • Excellence Dimensional stability of fabrics
  • Tensionless and distortion –free processing through pinning, equalizing frame with individual chain drive and especially new designed chain.
  • Tensionless and distortion-free pinning with short, direct and crease free feed into the compacting unit.
  • Condensate free steam box with compensation for different width, completely corrosion- resistant version
  • Especially designed elastic belt in both compacting units.
  • Specially designed chain, low maintenance Stainless steel chain rails – high strength and light weight reduce power requirement.
  • Completely electronically controlled with the latest automation technology, using load cell, PLC, user – friendly touch screen.
  • Digitally controlled shoe adjustment in the compacting zones.
  • V- Steam-Box: Most efficient, automatically adjustable for different widths, 100% coverage and moistening of fabrics easy to clean
  • Inbuilt manual weft straightener for correcting the skew on the fabric
  • Integrated control panel at the entry of the machine for efficient space utilization, compact machine designed compacting zones, overfeed (pinning) zones
  • Specially Easy maintenance, better accessibility of mechanical components
  • Left and right chain speeds can be adjusted relative to each other to help when straightening the weft
  • High water evaporation rate
  • High productivity
  • Very economical energy consumption
  • Extremely uniform temperature distribution in the drying zone
  • Highly effective thermal insulation
  • Finely adjustable drive system for individual operating ranges, independently controlled
  • Distance between upper and lower nozzles adjustable
  • Intensive steam and vibration field to achieve a particularly advantageous residual shrinkage and fabric volume
  • Excellent residual shrinkage values
  • Bulky and soft fabric
  • Tensionless drying process controlled by load cell technology
  • Very low maintenance processes
  • Control of residual moisture in the fabric by IR-camera (open width or tubular)
  • easy addition of chambers and other components, such as a pin frame and padders event at a later stage
  • Energy Saving Chamber ESC can be incorporated into a new or existing Santashirk
  • Highest production speed up to 60 m/min
  • Best compacting, lowest residual shrinkage
  • As a result of the combination using rubber and feltbelt highest voluminousity smooth hand and lustrous fabric face
  • Uniform fabric made of cotton or blends
  • Excellent tension control using load cells
  • Maintenance friendly design easy access to all machine components
  • Sound process engineering trough continuous operation from trolley to trolley. A combination of treatment stages which include rope-opening, unravelling, hydro-extraction, Softener application overstretching in one single operation
  • Wet-on-wet applications (softener)
  • Easy handling and reduction of operating personnel
  • No changing of spreaders for different fabric widths. Consequently, increased productivity, because there are fewer machine downtimes
  • Excellent hydro-extraction thanks to the use of specially rubberized squeezing rollers
  • Optimum residual shrinkage values through controlled overstretching and wet-compacting of the width, the best prerequisite for the subsequent drying process