Lectra is the world leader in integrated technology solutions (software, CAD/CAM equipment and associated services) dedicated to industries using soft materials: textiles, leather, industrial fabrics and composite materials. Its solutions encompass business processes enabling companies to automate, streamline and accelerate product design, development and manufacturing.

With 1,550 employees worldwide, 230 R&D engineers and technicians, 5 call centers, Lectra Serves 20,000 customers in more than 100 countries operating in a broad array of major global market sectors including fashion (apparel, accessories, footwear), automotive (car seats and interiors, airbags) and furniture as well as a wide variety of other industries, such as the aeronautical and marine industries, wind power, personal protective equipment, etc. Lectra draws its strength from its passion for innovation and the long-term value-creating relationships it maintains with its customers. Lectra technologies enable them to face the growing demand for rapid turnover of models, to display ever grater creativity and flexibility, and to produce faster, better, and at lower cost, in order to be more competitive. Lectra offers value-added solutions geared to the specific needs of each sector within an extended-enterprise context, facilitating collaborative work and secure data exchanges.

For the fashion market, Lectra’s array of competencies spans the entire value chain, integrating process optimization and collection lifecycle management. Lectra is uniquely positioned on the product Lifecycle Management (PLM) market thanks to its solution specifically designed for the fashion industries, backed by its expertise built on several decades of shared experience with its customers.



  • The Powerful Solution Pattern Making, Grading, and 3D Virtual Prototype
  • Save on Pattern and sample costs with Lectra’s Revolutionary Approach to Apparel Product Development.
  • 3D Technology revolutionizes sampling by giving companies the test style and fit choices before they become final without incurring cost
  • Virtual sampling has the potential to cut development time while reducing cost.
  • can be estimated pattern marker calculation and forecast fabrics consumption in the time of product development
  • Intelligent links can be used to connect related pattern pieces to enable more efficient pattern making and grading.


  • Accurate digitally controlled spreading operations
  • Tension-free laying technology


  • High speed laying
  • Fast loading (offloading)


  • Versatile laying accessories
  • Pre-set parameters


  • Operations & fabric use analysis
  • Fabric management system with bar-coding (option)


  • Sturdy construction, reinforced parts and components, no relays: giving maximum uptime.


  • Easy-to-use and ergonomic control
  • panel to save preparation time


  • Optimized cutting of tangent pieces
  • Dynamic vacuum control
  • Video-assisted spread control
  • Digital blade compensation system
  • Built-in blade sensors with automatic
  • calibration
  • Cutting while conveyor advances(Eclipse patent)


  • Blade breakage detection
  • Automatic spread height control
  • Automatic cutting path optimization


  • Energy saving
  • Restart after power cut
  • Automatic energy conservation
  • Permanent bristle block cleaner
  • Long life consumables


  • Light indicators on exhaust & cutting head
  • Electric consumption metrics
  • Real time process tracking
  • Vacuum & blade real-time activity
  • indicators
  • Blade wear display
  • Cutting dashboard

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