Samsung Mobile Bangladesh Partners with aamra networks ltd.

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Samsung Mobile Bangladesh has officially signed a partnership agreement with aamra networks ltd. on Tuesday, 17th June for providing business to business (B2B), online service and KNOX Solutions.

Choon Soo Moon, Managing Director and SangHwa Song, General Manager from Samsung Electronics Bangladesh Ltd. and Syed Farhad Ahmed, Managing Director, Zahrul Syed Bakht, Group CFO, Sharful Alam, COO from aamra companies were present during the signing ceremony, at the aamra networks ltd. premises.

Through this partnership, aamra networks ltd. commenced its journey as the official reseller for Samsung KNOX in Bangladesh, and the distribution partner for managing an online e-store for the purchase of Samsung products and as well as handling B2B business. aamra networks ltd. will also be in charge of the sales, marketing, distribution and channel management for Samsung devices available on the e-store and B2B business, from now on.

Samsung KNOX is a suite of mobile enterprise security solutions that provide device protection, management and development options. Samsung believes aamra networks ltd., being a leading conglomerate in the IT and B2B sector providing IT solutions to major corporations in the country, will be a credible source for providing support for KNOX solutions locally.