Mrs#1 launched

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rTs connections, a complete media solution company has taken the initiative to provide a unique platform for enthusiastic Bangladeshi married women by making a reality talent hunt program named Mrs # 1.

General viewers would have the opportunity of witnessing the telecast with the country’s one and only full HD television channel “Asian TV” covering the event exclusively and shall be listening to the 1st private radio station of the country “Radio Today (89.6) FM” whereby in the other hand they can read to enjoy the news, reviews, exclusive interviews along with pictures of the moments and the updated happenings of Mrs # 1 in the country’s one of the best life style magazine named “Mirror” and also click on to an Internet web portal “” which has been created to present a three dimensional view of Bangladesh to the cyber world.

The Mrs # 1 has been organized to cater and attract people from different strata of the society where eminent personalities from the media and fashion industry of Bangladesh shall be involved along with the participations of various brands like “Woman’s World” being the makeover partner, “Leatherex” being the foot wear partner, “Shopper’s World” being the wardrobe partner, “Purobi Jewellers” being the Jewellery partner and “Hotel Sarina” being the hotel partner for Mrs # 1 to develop and promote today’s Bangladeshi married women, their accomplishments and commitment towards their family and marriage whereby the entire production (making) shall be conducted by “Red Flame Ltd” being the production partner whereas the entire publicity matters shall be conducted by “Sparkle” being the publicity partn

Being the premiere pageant for married women will give each contestant the opportunity to learn about customs and family life from various districts of the country along with the chance to share their beliefs during the weeks of activities leading up to exciting evenings of internal contests whereby these women shall be savvy, goal-oriented and aware believing that the delegates who becomes a part of our cultural display and those characteristics in their everyday lives, both as individuals, who compete with hope of advancing their careers, personal and humanitarian goals and as women who seek to improve the lives of others which will also showcase the fashion and style which are in vogue and will be an inspiration for the style conscious people nationwide.