Hosted Anti-Spam Firewall

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It provides a powerful, easy to use, and affordable solution to eliminating spam and viruses from organizations by providing anti-spam, anti-spoofing, anti-spyware (attachments), anti-virus, anti-phishing and denial of service protections. It ultimately provides comprehensive protection against most email borne threats (e.g. spam, viruses etc.) that can cripple your network if left unprotected.


  • Blocks 98% of all Spam with near zero false positives
  • Compatible with all mail servers and software
  • Reduces mail server load by 60-90%
  • No changes required to your existing mail server/network infrastructure
  • No expensive hardware to purchase or software to install
  • Automatic system updates, spam rules and virus definitions
  • Free technical support and assistance 24/7
  • Reduced network bandwidth, mail server load, disk storage and IT support costs
  • Quick to implement and manage, can be running within few hours