Panta Rei

PANTA REI – Water Solutions is a private company involved in the sector of the design and construction of water and waste water treatment plants. Thanks to a significant experience in the aforementioned field, Panta Rei is a very renowned company, established in Italy that focuses its business all over the world. Panta Rei has agents and workshops to offer in situ after sales services and maintenance. The high-tech designs and the plants already built make Panta Rei one of the world-class leading companies in the water and waste water treatment field.

The qualified staff has developed its experience through the design, installation and start up of several water treatment plants worldwide which are currently running under the efficient management of the satisfied clients.
The technical staff is always available through the help desk, and the engine
ers are always ready to visit “on site” to offer their consultancy or solve treatment plant related problems.
As a matter of fact, Panta Rei doesn’t only offer the water treatment plant, but a complete product through its total care contracts with the “service level agreements”, which ensure the best technical support as well as the secured supply of the best equipments and spare parts.