Barudan” was conceived in Japan by Mr. Yoshio Shibata in 1959. He developed the first embroidery machine and formed the base for the modern embroidery industry.

In 1962, Mr. Yoshio Shibata, founder of Barudan Co., Ltd, introduced the first embroidery machine to the Japanese market. Since then, many updates and technological leaps in both machine design and performance have been done. They developed different types of machines for the customize solution such as Single Head Embroidery Machines, Simplified Computerized Embroidery Machines, Multi-Head Computerized Embroidery Machines, Combination Embroidery Machines, Special Application Embroidery Machines and Sequin Model.

For instance, in 1972, Barudan developed the first jump system that enabled a significant increase in stitch length to be sewn. In that year we saw the market development and sale of embroidery machines with automatic colour change system.

In 1977, Barudan developed the world’s first multi-head computerized high-speed embroidery machine. In 1981, we produced the first monogram machine that allows Chinese and Japanese characters to be sewn.

The decade of the 80s was mainly dedicated to the development of computerized machine functions. In 1996, Barudan developed an ultra high-speed embroidery machine of 1,200 revolutions per minute (“rpm”).

In order to cater to the worldwide demand of “Barudan”, companies over the globe have been set up to meet the need of our customers over the last 4 decades.

Barudan’s mission is to provide top-quality, effective and reliable embroidery machines and services in order to develop, support and enhance the interest, status and value of all our partners in the embroidery field.

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With over 55 years’ experience, Barudan has the machines, resources and people to make your business a success.

Extra Heavy Machine Frame: Provides superb stability and less vibration, which translates into superior sewing quality at all speeds.

Superior Strength Pantograph:  Provides maximum torsional stability for ALL types of goods, even the heaviest jackets. There’s less movement, ensuring better quality. Driven by two servo motors, Barudan’s pantograph provides the highest level of registration and machine reliability.

Servo Motors:  Servo motors provide increased power for heavy garments and more precise pantograph movements for accurate stitching – especially on small lettering or designs with fine detail.

Barudan “Designed” Electronics:  Electronics for all machines are specifically designed for embroidery. Barudan does not rely on off-the-shelf “sewing machine” technology. Precision electronics move the pantograph in precise increments for crisp lettering and perfect detail.

Power Failure Back Up:  There is no need to worry about losing your work due to a power failure. The Barudan machine features a design recovery system, which picks up at the; X Automat has 100 memory locations with a 20 million stitch capacity. Use either USB minterrupted stitch, even if the pantograph is moved while the power is off.

Expanded Memory & Easy Download of Designs:  VT2 Automat has 30 memory locations with a 20 million stitch capacityemory stick or network to PC to download designs. The USB memory stitck, included with the machine, holds up to 100 designs in 50 folders (5,000 designs).

Positive Needle Drive System:  Fewer moving parts allow the sewing head to stitch faster and quieter. No problem sewing thick fabrics such as leather, puffy foam, car mats, etc.

Industrial Quality:  The basic operational parts in the Barudan sewing heads are industrial quality for dependable parts. There’s only one quality standard for Barudan machines – we build the best! The same sewing heads are used on all our machines. When you start with the best, you expect the best.

Networking Capability (Optional):  Design File Server connects up to 8 newer series machines eliminating disks, CF cards or USB memory sticks. Queue up to 95 designs to multiple machines with easy drag and drop operation. LEM Jr and LEM Pro provide LAN networking for up to 100 machines.

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